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Our Giving Back Donations: Rodale Institute

Article Summary: Today we highlight Rodale Institute, the recipient of our 2023 Giving Back donations. As an industry leader in regenerative organic farming practices, we are honored to be able to contribute to an organization that sets the example.


Welcome! Today we highlight the recipient of our 2023 Giving Back donations. On a quarterly basis, we donate a portion of all proceeds to an organization that supports initiatives in alignment with our approach to health, wellness, agriculture, and more.

Since we source our grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised tallow from farms practicing regenerative organic methods, it was only fitting that Rodale Institute be our first recipient.

Founded in 1947, Rodale Institute is located in eastern Pennsylvania and over the years has become an industry leader in regenerative organic agriculture research through clearly focused efforts on their cause. Rodale Institute has been laying the foundation for regenerative organic farming for decades and continues to set high standards within the industry.



Rodale Institute is a leader in regenerative organic agriculture. Established in 1947, the institute conducts research and studies the benefits of organic farming. One study in particular, the Farming Systems Trial, began in 1981 and is still ongoing today.

"We are demonstrating the power of nutrient-dense organic food to prevent and reverse diseases. We are working to create economic vitality in rural communities by training tomorrow’s organic farmers. Furthermore, we are partnering with schools, hospitals, and other community organizations to help people make informed choices about the food they eat and how that impacts their health." (Source: Rodale Institute)

Rodale Institute has various locations and partnerships across the United States including organic centers in California, Georgia, Iowa and Washington.



  • The Soil and Health Foundation was founded in 1947 by J. I. Rodale, and was later renamed the Rodale Institute. Mr. Rodale's main focus was on cultivating nutrient-rich soil and developing organic farming methods — which remain at the forefront of their mission today.
  • During World War II, the United States encountered a shortage of nitrogen fertilizer as it was allocated to make munitions. This challenge led Mr. Rodale to look for alternative solutions to develop practical and natural methods to rebuild soil fertility.
  • The Rodale Institute remains a leader in regenerative organic agriculture. They continue to demonstrate that over time, regenerative organic farming can restore and regenerate the health of nutrient depleted soil.

“Organics is not a fad.”  -J.I. Rodale (1954)



The term "regenerative organic”, coined by Robert Rodale (the son of founder J. I. Rodale), describes a holistic approach to farming. Soil health is the first priority of regenerative organic agriculture.

The Farming Systems Trial is a four-decades long (and counting!) study that has proven organic agriculture performs as well as conventional agriculture, if not better.

Rodale introduced a new holistic standard in 2018 called, Regenerative Organic Certified (or ROC). This certification is overseen by the Regenerative Organic Alliance. (See 'Additional Resources' to learn more about ROC.)

They also offer "My First Garden", a free program for teachers of preschool and kindergarten-aged children that can be easily adapted for any elementary level. The program consists of five lesson plans and has also demonstrated that children participating in garden programs have higher self-esteem, better standardized test scores, and are more likely to eat their veggies. (See 'Additional Resources' to learn more about this free program.)


All quarterly 2023 giving back donations went to the Rodale Institute. We love what they do and what they stand for so it was an easy choice to continue contributing to their mission throughout 2023.



If you would like to take a deeper dive into regenerative organic and/or organic agriculture, below are a few resources to get you started:

Thank you for taking a few moments to learn about Rodale Institute and our 2023 Giving Back donations. Be your own advocate in health and wellness --  take a few minutes to better understand our food supply, agriculture and the impact it has on the macro- and micro-level (soil, water, air, and the health of our body). There is so much to learn if you are new to this topic. Just begin — and you may be amazed at what you find!

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