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Let go of what you think face and body care should be. Open up to a simplified routine that is both wholesome and nourishing for your skin while serving you in a multitude of ways.

Let it be easy.


Now this is what you want to see ingredient wise on a package! Not to mention packaged in a dark glass jar, no plastic. The smell of this new balm is amazing and it’s whipped so it’s very smooth going on the skin. I would run to get this because it smells like you are truly at the beach and as I’m in my postpartum period still with my second baby this is a special treat in a jar!

Melanie T | BEACH Face & Body Balm

Using Bare on my grandson's face cleared up the newborn milia and really made a difference for his skin in just a few days. The skin was reddened and rough and became smooth and normal! Thanks again so much for developing such a good conscientious product that we can feel safe using.

Kim S | BARE Face & Body Balm

The skin on my chest is like night and day! Glow is the best cream I’ve ever tried. I’m hooked for life!

Joy B | GLOW Face & Body Balm

For years I have struggled with terrible allergies and especially in the fall when things begin to die off. My eyes would get red, itchy, watery, dry and wrinkled and I swear I looked 10 years older. I have tried prescription drops, every over-the-counter drop and eye ointments and nothing seemed to work. Then one day a co-worker brought me a facial cream called HINT to try and I put it on my eyelids and the dark bags under my eyes and even smothered it all over my eyes to see if it would help and WOW! The itch went away and it was instant relief of my dry and itchy eyes. If you suffer from eye allergies or dry skin I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HINT! It’s amazing and I hope it works as good for you as it does for me. The best part is that it’s all natural.

Lynn S | HINT Face & Body Balm

The Bare balm has been great! I just used it after shaving and I love the way it makes my skin feel. It rehydrates and moisturizes my skin super well! Especially as we get into these colder months.

Rob G | BARE Face & Body Balm

Yes, I love it! My skin on my neck is very dry and I've tried every type of lotion on my neck and chest where I have Poikiloderma (sun damage condition) and it is the only thing that is topical that has helped at all.

Jenna D | SOOTHE Face & Body Balm

Well was a lifesaver for me during a recent head cold. It soothed my sinuses and helped heal my chapped nose. I absolutely LOVE the fresh scent. I'll definitely be keeping this one on hand for the winter season!

Lisa S | WELL Face & Body Balm