Welcome To The Good & Simple Blog

Welcome To The Good & Simple Blog

It's official, welcome to our newest adventure -- our blog!

Let's get to it. As our very first post, we think it's best to set the stage and tell you what you can expect when visiting this space. 

This blog will be a place for us to give you simple, quick, relevant information about our products, ingredients, skin care routines, health and wellness, regenerative organic farming and any other topics that are related and we feel may be helpful in your skin care journey.

We may also share on topics that we find intriguing and worth a share with you. Please read what you feel drawn to and leave the rest. 

Our posts will be short and sweet. No dissertations. No lengthy posts just to make the algorithms happy. Here, we write unapologetically. You may even find some unpopular opinions here - new information or a new way of looking at something. We only ask that you keep an open mind. We don't have to agree on everything, but we can always come to the table and hear what someone has to share. If it resonates with you, then allow it in. If not, then consider it something learned and perhaps set it aside for another day or move on.

While this blog is not about us, we would like to introduce ourselves so you know there are people behind this company.

Founded by two sisters, Anne and Jennifer, we are a family-owned and operated, independent business. Everything we put in the balms is on the label. No fancy jargon, just easy to pronounce ingredients.

Our primary ingredient is grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised beef tallow from farmers practicing regenerative and organic farming. By selecting this premium ingredient, we draw from the wisdom of our ancestors and support regenerative farming practices that allow our earth to flourish. We love to use what we make, and we're excited and proud to offer them to you.

We created Good & Simple out of a desire to bring more simple and clean options into the skin and body care market in a purposeful way. After years of making our own skin and body care solutions for ourselves, our families, and close friends, we took a leap to share our formulations on a bigger scale. With that, Good & Simple was born.
We are small but mighty. In our day-to-day business, we support other independent businesses that are working to create a more harmonious and beautiful world for our children and generations to come.

With that (drumroll please).....

Welcome to the Good & Simple blog! We hope you come back to visit often, read through a few of our posts, and if you feel inspired to do so, please give us a share on social or with your friends and family. We appreciate you and look forward to bringing you information that helps you live your most beautiful life!

Have comments or questions about this ingredient or article in general?

Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!


Anne & Jen
Owners, Good & Simple



Good & Simple is a handcrafted line of face and body balms formulated with premium, wholesome ingredients. Our balms are nutrient-dense, nourishing for your skin, and serve as a multi-purpose solution to your skin's unique needs. Yes, it can be easy.

Leave behind complicated skin care and experience the ease of a simple, clean, nourishing skin care routine that you and your family will love. Clear your counters because in this instance, less is definitely more. 

To experience Good & Simple balms, shop our store. Even better, sign up for our monthly-ish newsletter and get 15% off your first purchase.


Kim Sulkowski

I love the idea behind these products. I’m excited to use the products and follow your journey!

Joy Bankey

This is amazing!! I’m so excited to learn from you girls. Congratulations

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