Find Your Perfect Balm For Spring Break

Find Your Perfect Balm For Spring Break

Article Summary: With many headed south this month for Spring Break and some fun in the sun, taking a Good & Simple balm with you for your after-sun care may be your best pro move yet. This is a shorty post with a few recommendations regarding what we'll be taking with us on our trip.



Bare Face & Body Balm is our #1 recommendation for skin that is extremely sensitive to skin and body care products. This balm is fragrance-free and with just five ingredients (because what is on the label is what is in the balm, no hidden chemicals or ingredients), it is gentle and calming to all skin types.


Soothe Face & Body Balm is the first balm we would recommend for after-sun care when you may have gotten a few more rays than you planned. We use this balm with our kids and have noticed amazing results.

After hours spent caddying 18-holes on a golf course in Michigan, in the middle of summer, one of our son's experienced a little redness or what you may consider a minor sunburn. He applied Soothe and within 24 hours, the redness was completely gone as shown in the before/after photos.

Sunburn Photo_Before

(Photo: Minor sunburn before applying Soothe Face & Body Balm)


Sunburn Photo_After

(Photo: 24 hours after applying Soothe Face & Body Balm)

Keep in mind that in addition to applying Soothe, our teen also had a good night's rest (proper sleep) and ample hydration (water) to rehydrate the body. Soothe supported his skin in returning to homeostasis.

Our face and body balms can be applied as often as needed. If you are looking for relief from a minor sunburn, apply as soon as you can following sun exposure and drink plenty of water.

Quick note here that while any of our balms would be supporting and nourishing for the skin -- if we had to pick just two....meaning you back us into a corner and make us really make a decision here...Bare and Soothe would be our top choices!



We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the 'Comments' section below or reach out via our 'Contact' page. We're happy to help guide you on the best balm(s) for your needs.


Anne & Jen
Owners, Good & Simple


[*Disclaimer: The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. The list above is comprised of customer feedback.]


Good & Simple is a handcrafted line of face and body balms formulated with premium, wholesome ingredients. Our balms are nutrient-dense, nourishing for your skin, and serve as a multi-purpose solution to your skin's unique needs. Yes, it can be easy.

Let go of complicated skin care and experience the ease of a simple, clean, nourishing skin care routine that you and your family will love. Clear your counters because in this instance, less is definitely more. 

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