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Upcoming Spring Balm


Article Summary: With the official start of Spring just one month away, it's time to create our new, limited edition balm -- and we would love your input. Keep reading for more details and how you can contribute your input for our next balm.


Spring is just around the corner and here in Michigan, we're starting to dream of green grass, tulips blooming and the smell of fresh rain. So it's time to finalize the details of our new Spring balm.



Over the past year, we formulated two seasonal, limited-time only balms.

We released SUMMER Face & Body Balm in mid-June, with top notes reminiscent of the perfect sunny, summer day. Using a blend of Lavender, Australian Sandalwood and Blue Tansy essential oils, this balm was fresh, bright and lively. Blue Tansy (EO) left us feeling all beachy as it lended a beautiful bluish-green tint to the balm (anyone remember collecting beach glass when you were young?).

On November 1, we introduced WELL Face & Body Balm. WELL contains a clean, crisp, and refreshing blend of White Cypress, Cardamom and Juniper Berry essential oils formulated into the nourishing ingredients that make our balms so healing and nourishing for our skin. The scent is so invigorating and it smells like walking through an evergreen forest on a beautiful, crisp day. So good!


Good & Simple Face & Body Balm Texture(Photo: Mystery Spring Balm...)



We would love to hear from you! For our new Springtime balm, what is your ideal Spring scent? Sweet Orange (Neroli)? Jasmine? Lavender? Grapefruit? Fresh-cut grass and an earthy kinda vibe? 

Tell us what you think in the 'Comments' section below. :)

Then stay tuned for our Spring Balm release...


Anne & Jen
Owners, Good & Simple


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I can’t get enough lavender. So many healing elements whether it be to help with sleep, relaxation or treatment of headaches. A balm with lavender can have multiple purposes.

Tracey Reynolds

Jasmine or sweet orange!!

Joy bankey

Lavender and grapefruit and sweet orange are my top three

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