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Golden Jojoba Oil: One of Nature's Perfect Carrier Oils

Article Summary: Organic first-press, golden jojoba oil is in each and every Good & Simple Face & Body Balm. We think this oil is THAT good. With a robust list of attributes and benefits for your skin, this powerhouse oil is one to include in your daily skincare routine. Combine jojoba oil with other key ingredients such as grass-fed tallow, emu oil and essential oils, and you have a powerful blend of natural ingredients that hydrate, soothe, and enhance our body's natural state-of-being and our skin's texture.



Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-HO-ba) is a soft liquid wax (not technically an "oil") pressed from the seed of the jojoba plant.  

Jojoba oil is a lightweight, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing oil. Jojoba oil mimics our skin's sebum and may be used safely around the eyes.

Jojoba oil is an excellent all-over moisturizer. The oil may be used head to toe for all skin types and all ages. It is also an excellent carrier oil that can be used alone or in combination with other oils and butters for an enhanced effect.

Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores), non-allergenic, non-toxic, and highly shelf stable with an iodine level at 82% - supporting jojoba oils powerhouse property to heal skin and support cell regeneration.

Quick history note: When whale oil was banned (1971), jojoba oil stepped in and was found to be a superior replacement.

Jojoba is native to the Sonoran Desert of southern AZ/CA and NW Mexico. However, it is now cultivated across the world in places with desert-like climates.



Organic first-press, light-press, golden jojoba oil is the highest quality and purest form of jojoba oil available. While jojoba oil of this premium quality yields less oil from the jojoba seed than when a more conventional pressing method is used, the first-press oil is of higher quality with a pleasant, natural scent and has a higher concentration than oil pressed multiple times from the same seed.



  • USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, First-Press



  • Non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, non-allergenic
  • High in vitamins E and B, chromium, copper, zinc and iodine
  • Antioxidants (natural forms of Vitamin E) to soothe fine lines and wrinkles and slow the signs of aging
  • Lightweight oil that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis and cell regeneration
  • Iodine-rich oil with antibacterial properties to support a clear complexion
  • May be helpful on a variety of skin conditions that may include: skin infections, skin aging, and wound healing
  • Skin protectant and natural cleanser
  • Naturally contains Vitamin B-Complex; B vitamins act as antioxidants to help the body heal free radicals and support hormone balance
  • Closest substance in the plant world to our skin's sebum (fast absorption and bio-available)
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    Fresh Jojoba Fruit Seeds In A Row
    (Photo: Fresh jojoba fruit.)



    By selecting premium organic, first-press, golden jojoba oil and combining it with other key ingredients, we create nutrient-dense balms that support healthy and balanced skin. This choice in turn supports earth-friendly and earth-healing farming practices (free of pesticides, herbicides, etc) around the world. 

    Purchase power at its finest. We can all make a difference.

    What we put on our skin is just one component of living a healthy lifestyle. Support your skin and body with healthy, nutrient-dense skin care products.



    You will find this ingredient in ALL of our face and body balms. Interested in exploring the rest of our capsule line? Shop all products here.



    Interested in learning more about other ingredients we use in our face & body balms? Please take a peek at our Ingredients page where we give a brief overview of each ingredient along with products that use them as a part of the formulation.

    We are 100% transparent and share all of the ingredients that we use in our balms. No hidden ingredients cloaked with "fragrance" or "proprietary ingredient" language. What you see is what you get. :)



    If you would like to take a deeper dive into jojoba oil and the benefits of using this ingredient for natural skin care, below are a couple of articles to get you started:

    We always encourage you to dig in and do your own research. What your body needs and what suits you best will be unique to you  - and this may vary and even shift as you move through life. Take time to listen in and discover what it is that you need.

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